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CAD design and 3D printing posts.

3D print filament

Considerations before 3D print

In order to have correct 3D printouts, we should consider some key points: Confirm that the model to be printed is only composed of a single element. Compound models shall…
SLS print

FDM, SLA, SLS – What material should you use?

Each technology has its suitable materials. Not all materials will work for every project, so it is important to carefully select the material and process before start the manufature (sometimes…
Clogged extruder

How to unclog the extruder

If you are having under extrusion or stringing, you might check if your extruder is clogged. If so, here you got a guide to solve it.
Sispla3d - Cura profile

What is Ultimaker Cura + Study Case

If you are a FDM 3D printer user, you might already dealt with slicing software like Ultimaker Cura, which we are going to talk about and see a case study...
zmorph multitool 3d printer

Interested in FDM 3D printing?

First of all, let me welcome you to In this site you will find information about key points related to FDM 3D printing based on real experiences, explained in…

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